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We hope you enjoyed our video showing how simple it is to compost natural décor and edibles left over from Halloween.

Here are links and details on what you saw.
  • For more on composting, go to: www.howtocompost.org
  • Many cities now have curbside yard-waste "recycling." Call your collection agency to find out whether or not you can add food waste to your yard waste bin. If they say, "no," ask them when they plan to start offering this service.
  • Candy wrappers can be saved and turned into cool and useful things like purses, wallets and picture frames. Do an Internet search for how-to's. Or, contact www.terracycle.netto see if the wrappers you've saved can be upcycled through them. Or, if you have lots of wrappers, go to www.freecycle.org or www.craigslist.org. Someone else might love to have them to craft with.

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