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Who knew being green could be so fun? Follow these links to some Green Halloween activity for kids:

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Reverse trick-or-treating


Want to raise awareness of Fair Trade Certified chocolate and help end abusive child labor conditions in the cocoa industry? This year, try "reverse" trick-or-treating (instead of accepting candy) by handing out Fair Trade chocolate and/or informational cards on why supporting Fair Trade practices in the cocoa industry is a year’ round must. In 2007, nearly 47,000 American and Canadian households were reached. How many more can be involved this year? With your help, the sky’s the limit.

Reverse Trick-or-Treating is an initiative of Global Exchange and is a collaboration between national and regional nonprofit organizations advocating for Fair Trade and against child labor in the cocoa industry, such as International Labor Rights Forum and Washington Fair Trade Coalition. For a full list of supporters, visit the website listed above. Many organizations and chocolate companies, including numerous ones involved in Reverse Trick-or-Treating have signed the Commitment to Ethical Cocoa Sourcing, calling on the cocoa industry to end abusive child labor in the cocoa fields and pay cocoa farming families a fair price that allows them to meet their basic needs. Click here to learn more.

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