Dear Eco Vendors

Dear Eco Vendors,

The time is coming up right around the corner.  Deadline for applications is October 15th.

We are very excited to see the types of vendors we are attracting this year.  So excited that we just had to share. Here’s some information about a few of the great vendors joining us, and rejoining us this year.

FEATURING….(drum roll)

▪                WHOLE, a Dame School from the Daytona Beach area, that empowers homeschooling families, by teaching parents how to utilize Charlotte Mason techniques while reinforcing respectful behavior, and conscientious stewardship into their lesson plans.

▪                Green Winters Nursery of Ormond Beach, that specializes in native and edible plants, as well as regularly giving workshops on Organic Gardening. Wes Winters will be conducting a workshop on sustainable gardening for the Florida Climate.

▪                Juice Plus Whole Food Nutrition, whole food nutrition in capsule and chewable form.

▪                The new and highly acclaimed, Edible Orlando Magazine, a magazine dedicated to celebrating the food artisans, growers and chefs of Central Florida.

▪                We even have Rae Rae, the big Red Panda of the EnviroPals TV show, joining us this year. “Enviropals!” mission is to empower PBS’s youngest viewers to be good custodians of Earth as they learn the importance of keeping our planet clean and healthy!

▪                But the one that amazed us the most, and I am sure you will agree as soon as you read on, is Hecho a Mano. Hecho a Mano is a company from Miami that actually started to fund local and international nonprofit organizations! They accomplish this altruistic goal by selling handmade articles that are made from recycled materials or are Fair Trade certified.

And that is just to name a few.


If you have already sent your application, thank you.  I am sure we will be getting it soon, and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as we receive it.

If you haven’t DON’T DELAY! :-)  Deadlines for applications are October 15th. The sooner we receive your completed application including fee ($15), the sooner your spot can be reserved, and we endeavor to keep the quality of our vendors high, and their competition low.  Send your completed applications to us now, and secure your chance to join us.

And don’t stop there. Be sure to forward this to all of your Eco Friends! If they can’t apply as a vendor, they might know one who will. :-D

If you haven’t heard, here’s a recap…

I am the volunteer Green Halloween® coordinator of Daytona Beach.  Green Halloween is a national, grassroots, community initiative to create healthier and more earth friendly holidays starting with Halloween.  I am also a member of a local group, Florida EcoNet, who endeavors to be an educational resource network to unify and support efforts that create a progressive and sustainable environment for all.

The Hallogreen is a fun, healthy, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional Halloween festivities. It is part of a “national nonprofit, grassroots community initiative to create healthier and more Earth-friendly holidays, starting with Halloween” (  The Hallogreen® is organized by volunteers of Florida EcoNet and Green Halloween®, as a fundraiser for The Fair Share Urban Agriculture Project (

This event will take place at the Downtown Farmers Market on City Island (located near 105 E Magnolia Avenue in Daytona Beach) from 8 am to 12 noon, Saturday, October 30, 2010.


Thank you all for your support, and for taking an interest in supporting the efforts of Green Halloween® of Daytona Beach.

Please join our new Facebook page, and help us help you by recommending the link to all of your friends.

Green Witches to you all and have a very Happy Hallogreen!

VISIT THE GREEN HALLOWEEN FACEBOOK PAGE, and click “Photos” and Hallogreen Application 2010 to view the application.


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